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Outeredge Atacama - Cycling Active - January 2014

The least expensive by over £30, the Atacama bag can at best be described as basic. The material itself is tough, durable, waterproof and reflective, and its size is ideal for those with a laptop but much else - after that theres really not a great deal of room for a man-sized pair of jeans and shoes. The strap is a little thin and the shoulder pad moves around too easily. there's no chest strap, either, so if you're wearing a slippery cycling jersey then trying to keep it in place becomes tiresome.

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Haro 300.1 BMX - Ride BMX - December 2013

The 300.1 sits toward the higher end of Haro's complete range, though having said that, this is still an entry level bike. Coming in three colour options - Black, 'Matte chevronic' (light blue), and Glossy Red, the 300.1 does exactly what it's designed for; getting people on bikes! First impressions were fine - by that I mean it simply is a tool for a job. No nasty looking bits, but also nothing that jumped out to make it stand apart from the crowd. If you've seen Tom Justice ride you'll know he likes to go fast and high, and at first he was a little worried that the bike wouldn't be able to take the strain, but in fact he ended up loving the thing once all was bedded in. So despite it not being the most thrilling thing to look at, it will certainly do the job. The only problem was the rear tyre clearance - and it has to be said the Haro wasn't the only bike to suffer from this...

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Premium Solo - Ride BMX - December 2013

Looking at the Solo I can't help but get the feeling it's been made up of parts from a Taiwanese factory catalogue. It's a bit like the Haro in that it's good, It's ok, It's fine, It does the job but that's all. So looking at the positives, it does come in three size options, which most of the others do not (ironically it's only the Haro which also offers an option). Finding a 20" bike you're a shorty is hard, so the Premium does cater for that end of things. The overall look of the bike is good, it's not fussy, the graphics are subtle and despite having a slightly slippery set of pedals the bike does ride nicely with no nasty surprises or twitchiness, In fact it feels a lot better than a cheap entry-level bike, and if you're just keen to ride the thing then it's spot on. You get exactly what you'd expect from a £350 bike but nothing more. For me it just lacks a bit of personality

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OnGuard Mastiff - Bicycling - November 2013

The Mastiff's hardened-steel links withstood a hacksaw and bolt cutters. After nearly three minutes of use, the battery in Ruzal's angle grinder died before he could cut the shackle. He also likes Kryptonite's New York Fahgettaboudit. He found a weak link in the HipLok L1 Lite ($70, shown), snipping the shackle with bolt cutters in 29 seconds.

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Proviz Rucksack Cover - The Martin Cox - November

As previously mentioned, I am not a fan of hi-vis for its own sake – however I will concede that it does serve a purpose so it’s certainly not all bad. As a daily commuter I carry a bag with me on every trip, normally containing an iPad and sometimes a laptop as well so it’s essential that the contents stay dry! So wouldn’t it be great to have something that fits both those descriptions? Keeping my books and gadgets dry and making me more visible on my commutes? Well, it seems that Proviz were thinking just that same thing and they’ve gone and made a rucksack cover in conspicuous yellow – tasty! It’s very waterproof, not once has my bag got wet during the last few weeks of riding, and there have been some quality downpours in that time!...

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