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11 October 2012

Bike polo players from all over the UK arrived a little bleary-eyed from the BFF party the night before. Organisers arranged players into random teams of 3 and players competed in successive games of swiss rounds. After each round they were shuffled into a new team depending on their individual progress in the previous rounds.
The big twist with this bike polo tournament was that shots with the broad side of the mallet (known as ‘shuffles’) were allowed and did not result in a disallowed goal as bike polo convention dictates. This sometimes leads to a one-touch passing game, reminiscent of ice hockey, with moves finished off by a speeding attacker glancing the ball into the back of the net.
The day was blessed with sunshine and carefully selected tunes which mellifluously floated across the courts from the polo boom-box. Free beer was provided by Hackney Brewery, which kept everyone smiling even after successive losses.
The top 12 players were taken into two semi-final games before the winning 6 players were ‘shuffled’ into a final game. Winning the final was short lived for the 3 champions as organisers demanded only one player could be crowned ‘Shuffle King’. Ali and Jono (top seeds) had to play one-on-one against each other and Ali won 3 goals to 2.

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