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Todays Cyclist

Todays Cyclist is a cycling community website which has been set up to provide a service to both consumers and independent bike dealers and is operated by Moore Large & Co Ltd.

Todays Cyclist is aimed at cyclists from all disciplines and levels of activity where they can become actively involved in a vibrant online community.

Visitors have the opportunity to become members of the website through a simple and free registration process.

Becoming a member has so many advantages, you can;

  • construct your own profile allowing you to tell the rest of the community about you and your sport,
  • review products,
  • access and contribute to forums,
  • access exclusive offers which can be redeemed at any independent bike dealer listed on the website,
  • access the photo gallery where you can upload your sporting images,
  • save your favourite dealers, eliminating the need to repeat a search for a dealer on the dealer locator page.

All uploads and posts will be monitored to ensure that the content is appropriate for a family audience.

Todays Cyclist does not sell directly to consumers, but instead, acts as a channel to direct consumers to local independent bike dealers.

For Independent Bike Dealers

All dealers who are part of the Moore Large & Co network and stock the products featured on the website are displayed on the website. This is an especially attractive feature for dealers who do not already have a presence online. Dealers have the ability to construct their own profile, allowing them to control how their business is perceived through the website.

If you are the owner of an independent bike shop and would like to become part of the Todays Cyclist and Moore Large & Co network please contact the Moore Large & Co Ltd on 01332 274252.